Do I have to throw away my contact lenses after conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis is an eye disease that can have many different causes. In most cases, it is caused by bacteria. Viruses, chlamydia, dust, smoke, and even allergies can cause inflammation.


What are the symptoms? 

Your eyes itch, burn and stick together. If your eyes are red and have a strange foreign body sensation, this can also be a sign of conjunctivitis. Another symptom is if your eyes produce a slimy, watery, or purulent discharge.

If you suspect conjunctivitis, you should definitely consult your eye doctor. The inflammation can be treated fairly quickly with antibiotic drops prescribed by your doctor. 

Can I wear my contact lenses during conjunctivitis treatment?

If you don't mind wearing contact lenses and the antibiotics don't affect your vision, you can continue to wear them without any problems.

However, we strongly advise you go for daily lenses, which you can throw away at the end of the day. 

Of course, if you have any doubts you should consult your ophthalmologist!

What should I do with my lenses when I have conjunctivitis?

What should I do with my lenses when I have conjunctivitis?What should I do with my lenses when I have conjunctivitis?

It's imperative that you throw away the contact lenses you were wearing before you started treating the inflammation.

This means you have to throw away:

  • Your old lenses

  • The case for your lenses

  • Your care product

It is possible that the element which triggered your conjunctivitis is still on one of these 3 things. 

For daily lenses, there isn't much of a problem as you throw away your old lenses every night.

For monthly lenses, it is always inconvenient to throw away a lens that you have not worn all month, but this will prevent you from contaminating your eyes again.

For annual lenses. if your lenses are new, you can take them to your optician who will clean them with a special product to disinfect them.