Can I swim with my contact lenses ?


Spring is a beautiful time of year. The trees and flowers start to bloom and it's a bit warmer. Summer is the most anticipated season of the year. It is a time to get out of the doldrums and enjoy the sun. The days are longer and warmer, making us want to spend time outdoors. It is also the perfect time for swimming in pools, rivers, lakes and the sea. Holidays are also a time to relax and enjoy nature.

To enjoy swimming in summer, you can go to different types of water: rivers, lakes, pools, sandy beaches or waterfalls. Each of these places has its own characteristics and offers a variety of activities for entertainment or simply relaxation. Contact lenses can be a convenient way to correct your vision, but they can also bring health risks if not properly cared for. Here are some tips on how to swim safely with contact lenses.

What are the risks of swimming with contact lenses ?

Contact lenses are a popular way to correct your vision, but they can pose a health risk if you don't use them properly. Lenses can cause serious eye infections, corneal damage and even blindness. These kinds of risks can happen quickly, especially if they are not cleaned and disinfected properly. Contact lenses can also cause allergies and eye irritation.

To answer the question simply, it is not advisable to bathe with contact lenses as they can absorb water and cause irritation. In some cases, contact lenses can also become dislodged from their original position, making them difficult to remove. They can also cause eye infections if not cleaned and disinfected properly.

If you go swimming, take extra care if you wear contact lenses. Seawater and swimming pools can contain harmful bacteria and viruses that can enter the eye through the lens and cause infection. As a reminder, you should always wash your hands after swimming before handling your lenses, and they should be disinfected and stored in a clean, dry place before use.

When swimming, you should of course avoid stagnant or contaminated water as it may contain dangerous bacteria or viruses. If you have no choice, wear goggles or a face mask to protect yourself from contamination.

Contact lenses are a great option if you want to correct your vision without wearing glasses. However, it is important to take some precautions when using contact lenses, especially when swimming or bathing. This is because contact lenses can come off your eye and get into the water, which can cause contamination. Remember to wash your hands before handling your lenses and remove them before swimming or bathing. It is also important to keep your eyes well hydrated and to rest them regularly.

I went swimming with my contact lenses in, what should I do ?

In general, it is best not to wear contact lenses when swimming as they are difficult to clean and disinfect properly. If you must wear them, make sure you follow the cleaning and disinfection instructions carefully and consult your ophthalmologist if you have symptoms of an eye infection.