Linsenmax app

Discover the Linsenmax appDiscover the Linsenmax app

From now on, the Linsenmax shop is accessible not only via a website optimized for mobile devices, but also via a user-friendly app.
More and more customers want to order their lenses with their mobile. This is understandable, as it is very convenient to quickly place a lens replacement order while on the go.

Once you have downloaded the Linsenmax app, you only need to log in once. Thanks to the automated login feature, you no longer have to painstakingly enter your user data each time.

Renew your order in three clicks

When designing the application, we placed particular emphasis on the popular quick order and renewal order functions.

  • With the "Renew my last order" function, you can automatically access your last order and renew it directly.

Renew your order in a few secondsRenew your order in a few seconds

Available for Androïd and iOS

Available for Android and iOSAvailable for Android and iOS

The app is now available as a free download for Androïd on Google Play Store and for iOS on Apple App Store. Download the app today and see for yourself how quick and easy it is to use.

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