What exercises improve myopia?

Myopia is a vision disorder in which the eyeball is too long. This means that light entering the eye is refracted in front of the retina. This leads to errors of representation, so that distant objects become blurred. This anatomical malformation cannot be treated. There is often a genetic predisposition, which can also be reinforced by external influences. The refractive error can be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, or laser surgery.

The 3-point exercise

To improve myopia, the 3-point exercise is highly effective.

This can be done by anyone, no matter how short-sighted you are. You don't need any accessories and you can do this exercise anywhere.

  1. All you have to do is choose 3 points at different distances. It is important that you remember the approximate position of these points in the room. 

  2. As soon as you have memorised your points, close your eyes for 3 seconds.

  3. The aim is to open your eyes again in the direction of the three points. It is important not to blink.

  4. The goal is to look at the first point for three to five seconds.

  5. Then close your eyes again and do the same for point 2.

  6. Finally, repeat the provess for the 3rd point. 

The book exercise

This exercise is done with a book, as the title suggests. For this, you have to work your right and left eyes alternately. 

  1. You should hold your book of choice in front of you. It is important that you can barely read the title of your book at this distance. 

  2. Then move the book away from you and try to read the title the whole time. Then bring the book closer again and repeat the exercise. 

  3. You can do this exercise several times on each of your eyes.

The exercise to do with a bookThe exercise to do with a book
Exercise your whole body!Exercise your whole body!

As we're sure you know, the whole body is linked, so you don't need to train your eyes alone to improve your myopia. Exercising your whole body is bound to help your eyesight. To do this, we advise you to stretch, lie down, and breathe in order to oxygenate your blood circulation as much as possible, and therefore your eyesight!

Exercise your whole body!

This exercise helps to release tension in the shoulders and neck, as well as the muscles in the face. Make sure you breathe in a relaxed manner!