How to put in your contact lenses?


When you are about to put in a contact lens for the first time, it is not uncommon to feel apprehensive.
"Isn't it uncomfortable? Doesn't it hurt to stick your finger in your eye? Can I put the contact lens in wrong? All these questions are normal and legitimate. However, any contact lens wearer will tell you that once you've managed to put them in once, you can do it a hundred times without any problems.

To help you put in your lenses for the first time, here's a guide in five simple steps.

Step 1: Wash your hands

It is important to always wash your hands thoroughly before putting in your lenses.

You should carefully remove soap residue with water and dry your hands with a clean cloth that will not leave any residue on your hands.

This will prevent harmful germs from entering the eye when you put in the lenses.

Step 1: Wash your handsStep 1: Wash your hands

Step 2: Prepare the lenses

Step 2: Prepare lensesStep 2: Prepare lenses

Before you put in your contact lenses, you should rinse them again with a saline solution.

Caution: Always use a suitable cleaning product for rinsing and never use tap water, soap, or any other products. This could damage the lens.

For daily lenses, you only need to open the packaging. Single use makes rinsing unnecessary.

Step 3: Check the curvature

The next step is to gently place your lens on the tip of your index finger with the correct side up.

If you look closely at your lens, you will see that it bulges slightly upwards when placed with the correct side up. This allows the lens to surround the eye.

The lens is upside down when the edge is curved outwards. This check is important, because if the lens is put in the wrong way round, it will be very uncomfortable on your eye.

Step 3: Check the curvatureStep 3: Check the curvature

Step 4: Fitting your contact lens

Step 4: Fitting your contact lensStep 4: Fitting your contact lens

Now that your lens has been properly cleaned and placed on your index finger with the correct curvature, it is possible to move on to the next step: lens application.

To do this, you need to pull your eyelid upwards with the index finger of your other hand. Then, with your other finger, you will gently pull your lower eyelid downwards so that your pupil is fully visible.

All that remains is for you to put the lens in your eye. To do this, we recommend that you attach the lens to your eye.

The lens will adhere by exerting a slight pressure when it touches the surface.

Step 5: Blink

When the lens is placed on the eye, you must blink several times to allow the lens to position itself correctly.

Step 5: BlinkStep 5: Blink
  • The hardest part is over, but don't forget that you have to do the same steps for the second eye.

Step 6: Enjoy your day

Step 6: Enjoy your dayStep 6: Enjoy your day

Congratulations! You have succeeded and there is nothing to stop you from enjoying your day.

It is normal at the beginning to feel like you need more time to put in your lenses. But once you have manage to put them in once, you will be able to put them in again.

You will develop a routine that will allow you to put them in within just a few minutes.

To recap, it's important to follow your optician's instructions when inserting your contact lenses to ensure good eye health. You will need a clean lens case and a tap of clean water to start. Rinse the lenses with tap water and place them in the lens case. Leave your lenses in the lens case until you are ready to insert them. When inserting your lenses, make sure they cover your entire eye and do not touch your eyelashes. 
Inserting your lenses can be a pleasant and rewarding experience. It can help you improve your vision and enjoy better image quality. However, it is important to clean and care for your lenses properly to avoid eye infections and other health problems. Follow these steps to successfully insert your lenses: 

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with water before handling your lenses.

  2. Make sure your lenses are clean and free of debris before inserting them.

  3. Place a contact lens on your finger and apply a drop of cleaning solution. 

You should be able to see clearly when your lenses are in place. If you can't see clearly or your lenses hurt, take them out and see your optician.