Why choose AboMax as my lens subscription?


Did you know that over 150 million people wear contact lenses to correct their vision? If you're one of them, you already know the joy of not having to wear glasses, or the freedom of seeing with complete peace of mind. But you also know the frustration of having to remember to replace your lenses on time. This permanent constraint can generate unexpected inconveniences and a certain amount of stress, largely avoidable thanks to AboMax, the made-to-measure contact lens subscription. So why choose AboMax for your lenses? We'll explain all the details in this article! 

What is the AboMax lentil subscription? 

AboMax is a tailor-made subscription for your lenses and lens care products. Concerned about the well-being of its customers, Linsenmax has developed this offer to meet the needs of its users. The aim? To give contact lens wearers peace of mind, wherever they are.

Born out of a desire to simplify their daily lives, it allows them to receive all their products without having to worry about renewing them. Whether you buy daily, bi-monthly or monthly lenses, you can have your lenses and solutions delivered straight to your door as soon as you need them. With AboMax, you don't have to think about renewing your lenses: have them delivered to the address of your choice, pick up your lenses and enjoy clear vision all the time! 

What are the advantages of AboMax, the best lentil subscription? 

Free your mind and enjoy clear vision with AboMax
Practical, economical and efficient, AboMax lets you enjoy your lenses and solutions wherever and whenever you want! 

  • No more nasty surprises: keep your lens case filled all year round 

  • A wide variety of choices: choose your lenses from the wide variety of brands available on our site 

  • A made-to-measure subscription: decide how often and where you want your products delivered, and pay when you receive your order 

  • Freedom above all: change your mind at any time by modifying or cancelling your subscriptio

How do I subscribe to AboMax? 

Want to know more about AboMax? It couldn't be easier! 

Just follow these steps:

  1. Select your products on the Linsenmax website 

  2. Choose the "with subscription" option 

  3. Choose your delivery interval 

  4. Enter your delivery address and confirm your order 

  5. Receive your products and start again!

Remember that you can change or cancel your subscription at any time. No commitment, more freedom!