Max subscription, my lenses subscription

Abo Max, my lenses subscriptionAbo Max, my lenses subscription


You only have one contact lens left?

With the Max subscription, you won’t have to run to your optician or put reminders on your phone. Simply use your computer or app to take out our subscription with its reduced prices: choose your contact lenses from our wide assortment (with or without care products) and have them delivered wherever you want and at the frequency of your choice. ​

Maximum choice, Maximum savings and Maximum convenience, just for you. 

Max subscription, a subscription for a Max of advantages

Maximum choice


  •  Your lenses, among the biggest brands 

  •  With or without cleaning product 

  •  At the frequency of your choice

  •  To the delivery address of your choice (home or elsewhere)  

  •  From your computer or app

Maximum savings


  •  Free shipping within Switzerland 
  •  Reduced prices 
  •  Get your lenses at even lower prices with VIP benefits 
  •  Pause or stop your subscription without penalty

Maximum convenience

 How to subscribe ?

  1. Choose the “subscription” option when validating your cart 

  2. Receive your lenses every 3 or 6 months  

  3. Track your orders in your customer area 

  4. Pause or stop your Max subscription with 2 clicks to adapt it to your needs 

Simple - Economical - Smart

No obligation

Delivered to the address of your choice 

Best prices 

How do I subscribe?

1. Choose your product

The first step is to configure your subscription with the products you want. You can purchase a subscription for contact lenses and/or care products. Choose packs and save even more! ​

You can choose your products from all the brands available on 

2. Select the "with subscription" option on your product page


  1. Check the box “with subscription”.

  2. Set the frequency with which you would like to receive your products from among these two options: every 3 months or every 6 months.

  3. Add the product to the cart. 

Then, if needed, follow this by adding contact lens care products to your cart. 

3. Enjoy your subscription with peace of mind

In your account you’ll find: 

  • Order tracking

  • Your invoices 

4. Pause or stop your subscription whenever you want

At any time, you can :

  • Change your delivery date, 

  • Suspend or cancel your subscription

and this, without any cost and with immediate effect!

Our customer service is at your disposal

We’re here to advise you and answer any questions you may have. 

Opt for simplicity, without commitment and with complete peace of mind!