Do eyes really get tired faster when wearing contact lenses?

Every day we spend hours looking at computer, mobile phone, and television screens. While doing so, our eyes are continuously focused on one plane.

Our eyes need to move and not be fixed in the same direction all the time! When we look at a screen, we are constantly looking at the light on the screen. This may make the screen content more readable and brighter, but it makes the eye more tired.

So we asked ourselves the following question: Does wearing contact lenses all the time cause eye strain?

Do eyes really get tired faster when wearing contact lenses?Do eyes really get tired faster when wearing contact lenses?

Just like glasses, lenses are there to help you see better. The eyes are relieved by the correction provided by the lenses, which helps your eye become less tired. Contact lenses refract light and therefore relieve the eye.

Symptoms such as tired, watery eyes or headaches caused by overworked eyes disappear when you wear lenses or glasses that are properly adapted.

Remember to check your eyesight every year

Each eye has a different correction and changes differently over time. It is recommended that you have an eye examination every year to ensure that your lenses are still suitable for your vision. If you have lenses that are too old and no longer meet your visual needs, your eyes will have to do extra work to let you see properly. In this situation, you may experience symptoms of fatigue and headaches.

It is therefore recommended to have your eyes checked regularly by an optician and to replace the contact lenses if the correction changes.