Can I use contact lenses after the expiry date?

When it comes to food, people often say that you can still eat it even after the best-before date has expired. But what about contact lenses?
If you take a look at your contact lenses packaging, you will find a best-before date. You may think you can ignore the date and still use your old contact lenses, but you definitely shouldn't!

Can I use contact lenses after the expiry date?Can I use contact lenses after the expiry date?

Although there are various internet forums that repeatedly state that this isn't a problem, you should never wear contact lenses after their expiry date has passed.

Like with any other medical product, the best-before date is the manufacturer's way of ensuring that their products are guaranteed to be free of dangerous germs. Oxygen permeability can also decrease with the age of the lens, which puts the eyes at serious risk of damage.

The duration of contact lens use depends on the material used and the type of lens (daily lenses, monthly lenses, etc.). Form-stable contact lenses can stay "durable" for 2 years or longer, while soft contact lenses tend to "expire" earlier.

Pay attention to the usual expiry dates.

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«I have used 'expired' lenses before and nothing negative happened, so I can continue to wear expired lenses, can't I?»

No. Even if you were lucky once and didn't notice any itching or scratching, the danger is omnipresent.
And once lenses that no longer meet the manufacturer's quality standard are in your eye, you are at risk of irreparable damage! It's better to throw old contact lenses in the bin for health and safety reasons.