My lens is damaged, can I still use it?


Have you ever received a damaged lens? Our reader, André, sent us an e-mail asking this question:

"Dear Linsenmax team,

When I put in my lenses this morning, I noticed that the left lens was cracked. I wore it anyway and everything went well. My eyes were not red, they did not run, and did not bother me. I did some research on the internet, but everyone says there is no risk.
However, as I am in doubt, I would rather turn to you and ask for advice from specialists. Can I continue to wear my lenses with a crack or should they be replaced?" 

Alarmed by André's message, we scoured the web and observed some worrying, and even dangerous, advice. We always recommend that you cross-check any information you find on the Internet with a specialist. If you have any doubts, it is always best to turn to your ophthalmologist or simply call Linsenmax customer service.

My lens is damaged - can I still use it?My lens is damaged - can I still use it?

To answer André's question, no! You should never put in defective lenses.

If you have worn lenses before, you will notice that when you wear damaged lenses, your visual comfort is not the same and your lenses will start to bother you. 

As well as the discomfort, it also poses a real risk to your cornea. In the worst case, scarring can occur and your vision can be severely impaired. Finally, a tear can lead to inflammation of the eye, which can be caused by bacteria or germs that settle there.

For optimal eye health, we do not ever recommend wearing damaged lenses!


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In summary, contact lenses can be a convenient way to improve your vision.

However, there is a risk of eye injury if they are not used correctly. Damaged contact lenses can cause eye pain and vision problems. If you wear contact lenses, follow your optician's instructions for proper cleaning and care. Change your lenses as recommended by your optician. Do not wear your lenses for longer than recommended. If you experience eye pain, itching or redness, consult your optician immediately. Damaged contact lenses can cause vision problems and pain. They can also be dangerous to your eyes if not properly cleaned and cared for.