What you need to know before going on holiday with your contact lenses!


With summer just around the corner, you're probably looking forward to a relaxing holiday in the sun. If you wear contact lenses, there are a few things you need to consider if you want to enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind.

Have you thought about switching from monthly lenses to daily lenses? Daily lenses have a number of advantages: you don't have to clean them, store them in solution or replace them every month. They're more hygienic and more comfortable, especially if you plan to spend time in the water or at the beach.

The 3 advantages of switching from monthly lenses to daily lenses!


Daily lenses can be more hygienic because you don't have to clean and store them every night, which greatly reduces the risk of infection. You don't have to worry about whether you've cleaned your lenses properly or whether they're still in their case. You put in a fresh pair every morning and throw them away at night. It's simple and effective.

The freedom 

Daily lenses give you more freedom. You can wear them for special occasions or sports without worrying about damaging or losing them. You don't have to worry about carrying cleaning solutions and cases when you travel. You can simply take a few pairs of daily disposables with you and dispose of them after each use.


Daily disposable lenses are very convenient. There's no need to store or care for them, just put them in in the morning and throw them away in the evening.

Holiday essentials

If you have allergies, eye drops can be your best friend. They'll soothe itchy, red or watery eyes. Check with your optician before using them to avoid complications.

Remember to keep your lenses well hydrated. Lenses need water to stay moist and comfortable throughout the day. Make sure you use a suitable contact lens solution. Also, keep a bottle of water handy and drink regularly to stay hydrated. This will help prevent dry eyes.

Finally, don't forget to pack a travel kit with all your contact lens essentials. This could include lens solution, a storage case and cleaning cloths. You can also include tissues and eye compresses in case you need to freshen up.

By following these few tips, you'll be sure to have a worry-free holiday with your contact lenses. Don't forget that your eye health is important, so take care of your eyes and make the most of your holiday.