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Take care of your lenses every day

Caring for your contact lenses with the right lens solution is essential for clear, comfortable vision every day. At Linsenmax, we offer a complete range of lens care products designed to meet the needs of contact lens wearers.

What are the different types of contact lens care products?

There are several types of contact lens solutions, each suited to specific needs.

Multipurpose solutions (All-In-One): complete care for your contact lenses made easy

Our all-in-one solutions are specially formulated to make your daily life as a contact lens wearer easier. These lens care products combine several essential steps in one solution, making them ideal for rinsing, cleaning and storing your lenses. Whether you wear monthly or bimonthly lenses, soft or rigid, these multifunctional solutions provide complete and effective disinfection to enhance your comfort. Their high tolerance means they are also suitable for sensitive eyes. In addition, these multi-purpose solutions are particularly recommended for maintaining soft and silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

Salune solutions: a gentle bath for your eyes

Our saline solutions are perfect for rinsing your contact lenses, whatever type they are. Whether you wear soft or hard contact lenses, these solutions will give you a feeling of well-being and comfort. They are preservative-free and gentle to your eyes. Use these saline solutions to clean and hydrate your lenses.

Eye drops and eye washer: take care of your eyesight in depth

Sometimes your eyes need a little extra care. That is why we offer a range of products specifically designed to meet the hydration needs of contact lens wearers. Our lubricating solutions store moisture to keep your eyes hydrated while you wear your lenses. Our artificial tears soothe irritation and redness, and regenerate the tear film to improve eye comfort. By using them, you will not feel dry when wearing your lenses. They also help to regenerate corneal cells for lasting clear vision.

Peroxide systems: deep cleaning of your contact lenses

For a deeper clean, our peroxide systems are the ideal solution for cleaning your contact lenses. These products thoroughly clean your lenses right in their case. They effectively remove protein residues and neutralise bacteria, ensuring that your lenses are thoroughly disinfected. With an exposure time of at least 6 hours, the peroxide system provides triple cleaning of your lenses. It also moistens your lenses and keeps them in a sterile environment.

What is the difference between a multipurpose solution and a peroxide solution?

A multipurpose solution cleans and disinfects lenses in one step, while a peroxide solution requires a neutralization period and is used primarily for more intensive disinfection.

Steps for contact lens care: 

  • Hand washing: Always wash your hands with soap and water before handling your lenses.

  • Lens cleaning: Apply a few drops of cleaning solution to each lens and gently rub to remove deposits.

  • Rinsing: Rinse the lenses with saline solution or multipurpose solution.

  • Disinfection: Place the lenses in a clean case filled with disinfecting solution and let them sit for the time recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Storage: Store the lenses in a clean case filled with fresh solution.

All the maintenance of your lenses at Linsenmax

At Linsenmax we are committed to providing you with the best products for your contact lenses. That is why we offer a range of quality products at the best price, available online and even in travel size to make your life easier. Among our best-selling products you will find major brands and renowned references such as Opti-Free, Aosept, Acuvue and Biotrue. With fast and free delivery on purchases over CHF 100, you can be sure you have everything you need to care for your lenses.

Take care of your eyes every day with the quality lens care products and solutions from Linsenmax. Don't forget to visit your optician regularly to maintain your vision. He will be able to give you personalised advice and check that your lenses are still meeting the needs of your eyes.

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