Coloured lenses SofLens Natural Colors Monthly - - Pack of 2

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  • Spheric
  • SofLens Natural Colors
  • Monthly
  • Packaging : Pack of 2
  • None
  • Polymacon B
  • 38% Water content
  • Number of packages : 1
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    • Wide choice of colours - Whether you fancy a subtle change or something more vibrant, Soflens Natural Colors lenses have got you covered.
    • Comfortable lenses - The Polymacon material that these lenses are made from has a decent water content, which helps to keep Soflens Natural Color lenses comfortable in your eyes.
    • Natural-looking colours - Coloured ink is injected directly into the lenses to deliver a more natural-looking final shade.
    Soflens Natural Colors contact lenses are monthly disposable lenses suitable for daily wear. They can be worn by both those who need to correct their vision, as well as those who don't need to correct their vision, but who want to change their eye colour. Please note that the appearance of these lenses will vary depending on your eye colour.
    Soflens Natural Colors contacts are best suited for:
    • Correcting myopia (short-sightedness)
    • Those who want to change their eye colour, but who don't necessarily need to correct their vision
    Please always check with your Optician first before purchasing new contact lenses that haven't been prescribed.
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