Online payment

Visa, Mastercard & Amex

Pay comfortably by credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex on the website.


Shopping with TWINT has many advantages:

  • Your products are delivered faster. Unlike paying in advance, with TWINT the payment is made immediately. This means that the order is immediately triggered.

  • It's a comfortable payment method because you always have your smartphone at hand.

  • TWINT is free of charge.

On the TWINT website you will find information about the installation.


With the PostFinance or E-Finance card, you can pay safely and conveniently. To make your payment with the card or via E-Finance, you need ...

PostFinance card:

  • Your PostFinance Card Direct or PostFinance Card Ticket

  • ID / TC number printed on the back of your PostFinance Card Direct

  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) of your card

  • PostFinance card reader


The online payment service allows you to pay quickly and securely on the Internet. Once the credit card data has been entered at PayPal, future purchases can be made with just two clicks. By entering your data at PayPal, you can enjoy more comfortable shopping and you don't have to send your data with every online purchase. Thanks to the fast transfer, we can also send you the goods faster and you will receive them sooner.