The 7 most common myths about contact lenses



Many pieces of information circulate about contact lenses, but what about the truth? Discover 7 persistent myths about contact lenses :

Myth #1: Lenses can get stuck behind the eye

False! It is simply impossible! The anatomy of the eye is clever: the membrane that covers it (called the conjunctiva) is attached to the eyelid, preventing anything from slipping in... including lenses!

Myth #2: Contact lenses can stick to the eye permanently

False! Rest assured, there is no risk of spending the rest of your life with a lens stuck to your eye! If your eyes are dry, simply apply a few drops of moisturising eye drops before removing your lenses. And do not forget to take them out before you go to bed! 

Myth #3: People over 40 can not wear contact lenses

False! There is no age limit for lens wear! There is a lens for everyone: progressive lenses, reading lenses, special lenses for dry eyes... there is a lens for every age-related condition! 

Myth #4: People with diabetes should not wear contact lenses

False! (unless there is a medical contraindication). Diabetes and contact lenses are not mutually exclusive! A 2012 study* shows that contact lenses are not dangerous for people with diabetes. The only rule to remember is to consult your optician and follow your treatment carefully so that you can wear your contact lenses in complete safety.

*O'Donnell C, Efron N. Diabetes and contact lens wear. Clin Exp Optom. 2012

Myth #5: Contact lenses are only for people with low prescriptions

False! Contact lenses are for (almost) everyone! Astigmatism, presbyopia, hyperopia or myopia... 90% of people with vision problems will find contact lenses to suit their needs: this is true for strong corrections... as well as for weaker ones!

Myth #6: Eyes need days off from contact lenses

False (unless there is a medical contraindication). Contact lenses can be worn every day if you want! They are now designed for comfort and to protect the eye, so it is no problem to put them back in every morning, unless you have a specific pathology that prevents you from doing so. In that case, consult your ophthalmologist!

Myth #7: Wearing contact lenses will make you cry less when you are chopping onions

True... and false! Here is a myth in favour of contact lens wearers! It is true that contact lenses protect your eyes from the volatile gases released by onions: the flow of tears is reduced! But it is obviously not completely infallible... and no one has yet found THE technique that works every time!

Hoping that these answers will help you better understand contact lenses and appreciate all their benefits. See you soon for more useful information!