Can I switch from daily lenses to monthly lenses?

Every lens wearer has to ask themselves this question when they find out they have vision problems - will I choose daily, monthly, or annual lenses?

If you choose monthly or yearly lenses, you will soon realise that in some situations daily lenses are more beneficial. Whether it's a camping trip, a sporting event, or a longer holiday, these kinds of situations don't allow you to care for your lenses properly. That's when you realise daily lenses could be more practical in certain situations.

Our reader Matteo asked us this question:

Can I switch from daily lenses to monthly lenses?Can I switch from daily lenses to monthly lenses?

"Is it possible to wear daily lenses if I usually wear monthly lenses?"

Yes, this change is possible as your visual acuity does not change. However, you must have seen your optician beforehand to make sure that your daily lens corrections are still valid.

Other factors to consider.

Daily and monthly lenses differ in the frequency of their replacement and the materials they're made of.

Try out your new daily lenses first and ask your specialist for advice, as each lens must be adapted to your eyes.

Here are the things you should pay attention to:

  • Your lenses should be comfortable to wear

  • Your lenses should not be itchy 

  • Your lenses should not burn you

If in doubt, you can always ask your optician for advice! They will be able to provide you with trial lenses to see which ones suit you best!