Looking for a travel partner? CooperVision Singles™ are the perfect travelling companion


Getting ready for your holidays is always an exciting time but it’s something that can also involve a lot of planning. There might be pets to care for, plants to be fed and watered, post to be collected and station or airport transfers to organise. 

Disposal contact lenses on your travels

So it’s good if there are some things you just don’t need to worry about. Like your contact lenses. Disposable contact lenses are a comfortable and practical option for hassle-free vision wherever you’re heading and for nearly every activity during your holidays. Unlike with monthly or fortnightly lenses, you don’t have to worry about cleaning or storing them, making them perfect for when you’re on the move. So, there’s no need to pack your cleaning solution. 

And it goes without saying that contact lenses have benefits over glasses. You’re not going to forget your lenses in a restaurant and have the stress of finding them again. Contact lenses won’t steam up in subtropical climes or if you work up a sweat in the hotel gym or poolside workouts. And, unlike glasses, they won’t restrict your field of vision or slip down your nose! They even let you tan evenly, with no tan lines on your face! 

Why CooperVision daily contact lenses? 

CooperVision’s range of Singles™ disposable contact lenses are the ideal companion to every trip. The lenses come in small blister packs of lenses that are easy to stow in your hand luggage or suitcase. A perfect solution whether you’re studying old masters in the Louvre or exploring the tombs of the pharaohs in Egypt, and whether you’re planning energetic workouts or a more relaxing drink at the pool bar. These small, discreet visual aids can be worn throughout the day or just for occasional use, when something special needs to be deciphered or decoded in precise detail. Intriguing hieroglyphs offering new insights into the life of Cleopatra, perhaps, or examination of da Vinci's brushstrokes that made Mona Lisa a woman of world renown. 

The innovative silicone hydrogel material used in our Singles™ is highly oxygen permeable and moisture-binding. This promotes good eye health and ensures clear, unobstructed vision. Our specially designed lenses are also exceptionally comfortable. 

And, most importantly, Singles™ are not only ideal for every destination, they are also available for every type of vision correction, whether spherical, toric or multifocal – in other words for short-sighted and long-sighted wearers, for anyone with astigmatism and also for people with presbyopia. 

More tips for hassle-free holidays with contact lenses: 

  • It’s a good idea to pack some eye drops that are suitable for contact lens wearers in your hand luggage to help cope with the dry air in aeroplanes, especially if you’re travelling long-haul, or with the air conditioning in public transport. Important: You can pack liquids up to a maximum volume of 100 ml per container in your hand luggage. 

  • Hygiene standards abroad, especially in more remote and exotic locations, might not be what we’re used to at home. You should therefore make sure that your lenses never come into contact with tap water, just as you would at home. That’s because impurities could cause eye irritations that could spoil your holiday. Yet another good reason to opt for disposal lenses! If you wear monthly contact lenses or any kind of lenses designed to be reused you should always take a spare pair with you if possible.

  • If you take monthly contact lenses on holiday with you, look after your solution and store it somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight. Pay attention to the storage temperature recommended by the manufacturer – generally between 0 and 25 degrees Celsius. 

  • Exotic culinary delights can affect our metabolism, potentially resulting in greater protein deposits on your lenses. In order to avoid any impairment of your vision, comfort or eye health, you must always follow the correct cleaning procedure to thoroughly remove all deposits. This is another reason to take single-use contact lenses with you on holiday.  

  • Swimming goggles are advised if you are going to be jumping into the water. They will protect your eyes and contact lenses from any contact with salt water or chlorine, and from any bacteria in the water. And if you do get some water in your eyes, simply replace your lenses with a new disposable pair after swimming. If you wear monthly or annual contact lenses when swimming, you should always disinfect them afterwards with your usual cleaning solution.  

  • At the beach, try not to get any sand in your eyes. Small grains of sand can irritate the eye and also scratch your contact lenses. To protect your eyes, wearing good quality sunglasses is always recommended.  

  • For sports, contact lenses are the number-one choice. They won’t break, slip or steam up and are perfect for peak performance.  

    If you are taking part in winter sports, you should also wear ski goggles to protect your eyes from headwinds and sunlight and to help avoid injury. Because snow reflects sunlight, you should also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes when you leave the slopes.  

Our CooperVision Singles™ are lenses you can rely on no matter where you’re heading on holiday and with maximum freedom for your eyes! 

Important: The information in this article is not intended to replace either medical advice or the recommendations of a medical professional. If you have specific questions, please get in touch with your contact lens provider for expert advice.