Multifocal lenses Total 30 Multifocal Monthly - Pack of 6

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Total 30
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  • Multifocal
  • Total 30 Multifocal
  • Monthly
  • Packaging : Pack of 6
  • UV Protection Class 1
  • Lehfilcon A
  • 55% Water content
  • Number of packages : 1
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    TOTAL30 Multifocal are the first and only monthly replacement Water Gradient Multifocal contact lenses, that approaches 100% water at the surface,* so all that touches the eye is a gentle cushion of moisture1-3. Water Gradient material helps deliver ultimate comfort4. TOTAL30 Multifocal contact lenses feature the innovative PRECISION PROFILE lens design that provides seamless vision at all distances, near through far5. TOTAL30 Multifocal contact lenses provide exceptional breathability**. TOTAL30 Multifocal contact lenses feel like nothing, even at day 30. *Based on in vitro measurements of unworn lenses. **Dk/t @-3.00D = 154 1. Shi X, Cantu-Crouch D, Sharma V, et al. Surface characterization of a silicone hydrogel contact lens having bioinspired 2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine polymer layer in hydrated state. Colloids Surf B: Biointerfaces. March 2021;199:111539. 2. Surface property analysis of lehfilcon A lenses out of pack and after 30 days of wear; Alcon data on file, 2020. 3. Surface observations of lehfilcon A contact lens and human cornea using scanning transmissions electron microscopy; Alcon data on file, 2020. 4. In a clinical study wherein patients used AOSEPT solution for nightly cleaning, disinfecting, and storing; Alcon data on file, 2021. 5. Based on a clinical performance evaluation of TOTAL30 Multifocal contact lenses; Alcon data on file, 2022. 6. In vitro analysis of lens oxygen permeability, water content, and surface imaging; Alcon data on file, 2021. 7. In vitro analysis of lehfilcon A contact lenses outermost surface softness and correlation with water content; Alcon data on file, 2021.
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