Contact lenses: The essential asset for sports enthusiasts seeking optimal performance


Wearing glasses during sports, as footballer Edgar Davids and cricketer Daniel Vettori used to do, has become a rarity. Although these two athletes made an impression with their glasses on the field, the combination of glasses and sports is often considered impractical and risky. Fortunately, contact lenses offer an ideal alternative today, suitable for almost all visual corrections. 

What are the best contact lenses for sports?

The best contact lenses for sports are generally soft lenses, which offer optimal comfort and quick adaptation. Daily lenses are particularly recommended for their hygiene and practicality, as they are discarded after each use, thus reducing the risk of infection. Many top athletes, like Cristiano Ronaldo and Novak Djokovic, use these lenses to improve their performance. The products from the brand Acuvue, Dailies, or Precision1 are perfectly suitable. 

Why are contact lenses preferred over glasses for athletes?

Contact lenses are preferred over glasses by athletes because they offer a wider field of vision and do not suffer from fogging or splashes. Additionally, they eliminate the risk of breakage or injury associated with glasses. Lenses are lightweight, comfortable, and allow for unparalleled freedom of movement, which enhances athletic performance.

Can you wear contact lenses for all sports?

You can wear contact lenses for most sports, including contact sports and outdoor sports. However, for aquatic sports like swimming or diving, it is not recommended to wear contact lenses due to the risk of infection. For other water sports like surfing or windsurfing, disposable contact lenses can be an alternative, but it is important to remove them immediately after the activity.

How to care for your contact lenses when playing sports?

Caring for contact lenses is essential, especially for athletes. It is recommended to follow the cleaning and disinfection instructions provided by the manufacturer. Use appropriate cleaning solutions such as Aosept Plus Hydraglyde or Easyept and avoid handling the lenses with dirty hands. For long-duration sports, bring a spare solution and a case for the lenses if needed. This is particularly important to avoid the risk of infection and irritation.

What are the risks of wearing contact lenses during sports?

The main risks of wearing contact lenses during sports include eye infections and irritations due to sweat or dust. It is crucial to maintain good lens hygiene and clean them regularly. For aquatic sports, the risk of infection is higher, so it is better to avoid wearing lenses or to use disposable lenses and waterproof protective goggles. Lenses also reduce the risk of injuries related to broken glasses during a collision or impact, offering a safer option for athletes.


In summary, contact lenses are a valuable ally for athletes, offering clear vision, freedom of movement, and increased safety compared to glasses. They help avoid the inconveniences and potential dangers associated with wearing glasses during physical exercise. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, adopting contact lenses can significantly improve your performance and comfort during sports activities. So don't hesitate: order your lenses quickly and prepare to reach new heights in your athletic performance!