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Discover the visual revolution of twice-monthly contact lenses. Much more than just a vision correction device, these lenses are the embodiment of freedom and everyday comfort. Made from the latest materials and equipped with the latest technological advances, they adapt perfectly to your eyes to enhance your look while respecting your dynamic lifestyle.

Unrivalled comfort thanks to bi-monthly newsletters

Choosing bi-weekly contact lenses is an investment in your comfort and vision. This type of lens is designed to conform to the curve of your eye for a perfect fit. They're so comfortable you won't even notice they're there, so you can focus on what's important to you. Thanks to their advanced technology, bi-weekly lenses give you sharp, precise vision in all conditions. No matter what you're doing, your lenses stay in place. Whether you're in front of a computer screen at the office or out in the fresh air on a trip, you'll always have clarity and visual comfort. Details are sharp, colours are vibrant and you're free to live every moment to the full.

Combining freedom and practicality

Bimonthly contact lenses offer the ideal balance between ease of care and the freedom of extended wear. With a medium replacement rate, they significantly reduce the handling and constraints associated with lens care. Renewable every two weeks, bimonthly lenses offer the perfect compromise between absolute comfort and impeccable hygiene. Take advantage of the perfect balance between practicality, made possible by their ease of care, and well-being, guaranteed by their cutting-edge technology. Made from silicone hydrogel, bi-monthly contact lenses allow oxygen to pass through while filtering out bacteria and other harmful substances. At the same time, they retain moisture to keep your eyes comfortable at all times. So you can enjoy convenience and practicality without ever sacrificing the sharpness of your vision.

Lenses adopted, eyes protected

Twice-monthly contact lenses act as a protective shield against the elements. Whether it's dust, sweat or UV rays, your eyes are protected from any irritation. So you can enjoy each day with confidence and without discomfort, whatever your environment. You'll enjoy clear vision without the discomfort of irritation, redness or burning.

Twice-monthly lenses for everyone

Whatever your needs, there's a pair of bi-weekly lenses to meet them. Whether you have astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia or presbyopia, these lenses offer a variety of corrections specifically designed to meet your visual needs. At Linsenmax, we offer a wide range of bimonthly lenses so that all our users can choose the schedule that suits them best. With Acuvue bimonthly contact lenses, developed by the famous pharmaceutical laboratory Johnson & Johnson, you can enjoy a real gem of technology.

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