Proclear toric XR x6

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  • Proclear toric XR
    Proclear toric XR
  • Packaging  : Pack of 6
    Packaging : Pack of 6
  • Toric
  • Monthly
  • None
  • 62% Water content
    62% Water content
  • Omafilcon B
    Omafilcon B
  • Number of packages : 1
    Number of packages : 1
  • Available with AboMax

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    • Low risk - Proclear Toric XR contact lenses feature a low, soft modulus, which helps to reduce the risk of adverse effects on the cornea.
    • Correct astigmatism - These lenses can be precisely fitted to astigmatic patients, provide comfort over long periods of time, They also offer additional power ranges for those with high astigmatism that are not catered to by other lens options.
    • Hydration throughout wear - Designed to remain hydrated, wearers can feel confident knowing that they will not experience dry eyes.
    • Increased protection - Exclusive phosphorylcholine (PC) technology attracts and binds water on the surface of the contact to protect the eyes and lenses, keeping them clean and fully-functional.
    • Monthly use for convenience - Proclear Toric XR contact lenses can be worn for up to 30 days, as long as they are removed, cleaned, and stored correctly overnight after each day of use.
    Proclear Toric XR monthly contact lenses from CooperVision are the perfect choice for excellent vision correction and comfort.
    Proclear Toric XR, sometimes referred to as Proclear Toric XR Extended Range contact lenses, are recommended for:
    • Those with an out of range prescription, including high astigmatism
    • Wearers who have suffered with dry eyes in the past
    • Wearers looking for improved comfort and protection, alongside visual correction
    Please always check with your Optometrist first before purchasing new contact lenses that haven't been prescribed.
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