Toric lenses Avaira Vitality Toric Monthly - Pack of 6

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  • Avaira Vitality Toric
    Avaira Vitality Toric
  • Packaging  : Pack of 6
    Packaging : Pack of 6
  • Toric
  • Monthly
  • UV Protection Class 1
    UV Protection Class 1
  • 55% Water content
    55% Water content
  • Fanfilcon A
    Fanfilcon A
  • Number of packages : 1
    Number of packages : 1
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    • Healthy eyes – Avaira Vitality™ toric are made with breathable silicone hydrogel that allows plenty of oxygen to reach your eyes, improving comfort and eye health.
    • Clearer & comfier vision - The naturally wettable lens surface resists deposits, keeping the lenses clean and comfy throughout the entire month.
    • Superior stability for astigmatism - The optimised toric design keeps the lens secure and stable throughout the day, ensuring absolute visual clarity.
    • Class 1 UV protection - Avaira Vitality™ toric offers the highest level of UV protection available in a contact lens, blocking more than 90% of UVA and 99% of UVB rays. Avaira Vitality™ toric are monthly lenses specially designed to correct astigmatism.
    Their advanced toric design ensures your vision stays stable, sharp, and comfy, no matter how active you are. Thanks to the naturally wettable silicone hydrogel material, your eyes will look and feel healthy and hydrated – even at the end of a long day.
    Avaira Vitality™ toric lenses are ideal for:
    • Those who have astigmatism
    • Anyone who prefers a monthly wear schedule
    • Those who wear contact lenses regularly
    Please always check with your Optician first before purchasing new contact lenses that haven't been prescribed.


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