Toric lenses Precision1 for Astigmatism Daily - Pack of 90

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  • Precision1 for Astigmatism
    Precision1 for Astigmatism
  • Packaging  : Pack of 90
    Packaging : Pack of 90
  • Toric
  • Daily
  • UV Protection Class 1
    UV Protection Class 1
  • 51% Water content
    51% Water content
  • Verofilcon A
    Verofilcon A
  • Number of packages : 1
    Number of packages : 1
  • Available with AboMax

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    • PRECISE VISION: Live your life to the fullest with PRECISION1™ daily disposable contact lenses. Promising consistent vision from the first to the last hour of wear, these tiny pairs of genius lenses open up a world of possibilities.
    • LONG-LASTING COMFORT: With a highly breathable silicone hydrogel core, these contact lenses offer unwavering comfort for both first timers and regular wearers.
    • EASE OF HANDLING: PRECISION1™ daily disposable contact lenses are easy to wear and easy to love. You'll never look back.
    PRECISION1™ contact lenses are designed for people who want to embrace the freedom of life with lenses, while enjoying no-fuss, long-lasting comfort even after 8 hours of wear.
    Benefits & Features: Precision 1 for Astigmatism are daily toric lenses made for wearers looking for the newest technology in lens comfort to correct astigmatism.
    Designed to help you stay wearing lenses–The main features of these silicone hydrogel lenses include:
    • Visual balance - Featuring PRECISION BALANCE 8|4 lens design, they settle in less than 60 seconds to provide stabilised and constant clear vision.
    • Dependable comfort - SMARTSURFACE Technology keeps moisture on the surface of the lens, where it matters most, providing a hydrating experience during a day of wear and reducing eye irritation.
    • Easy to handle - As single-use lenses, they do not require an ongoing care routine. All you need to do is insert them in the morning and take them out to dispose of them at night before sleep.
    • UV protection - Class 1 UV Blocking protection delivers the highest level of UV protection available in a daily disposable lens.
    We recommend Precision 1 for Astigmatism for people that:
    • Require astigmatism correction
    • New and existing contact wearers looking for a high-performance lens
    • Live an active and on-the-go lifestyle and do not want the hassle of a daily lens cleaning and care routine
    Please check with your Optician before purchasing new contact lenses that haven't been prescribed.


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