Abo MaxAbo Max

Abo Max

 Your contact lenses and care products always delivered on time, without having to lift a finger. 


  • No more empty contact lens boxes

  • All your favorite products are available

  • You choose your own delivery frequency

  • You only pay when your package is shipped

  • You can change or cancel your subscription at any time

How does Abo Max work?

1. Choose your products

1. Set up your products1. Set up your products

The first step is to set up your subscription with the products you want (contact lenses or cleaning products).

You can choose your products from all the brands we sell on Linsenmax.ch.

2. Determine the delivery frequency

2. Choose your sending frequency2. Choose your sending frequency

Then you have to choose how often you want to receive your products:


  • Every 3 months

  • Every 6 months

3. Change your subscription whenever you want

3. Change your subscription whenever you want3. Change your subscription whenever you want

You control the date you receive your delivery. At any time, you can change the products in your subscription, the delivery date, or cancel your order.

You'll never forget to order your contact lenses again