• Fuss-free wear: No need to clean or store – just throw the lenses away after a full day's wear.
  • Long-lasting comfort: Aquaform® technology locks in moisture to keep your lenses hydrated and comfortable all day long.
  • Ultra-breathable: Silicone hydrogel material allows optimal oxygen to reach the eyes – keeping them white and healthy.
  • UV protection: Helps to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. MyDay® daily disposable contact lenses are designed to keep up with the demands of modern life by providing exceptional comfort, crisp vision, and a healthier lens-wearing experience.
MyDay® lenses are ideal for:
  • Those who are short-sighted or long-sighted
  • Anyone who has a busy lifestyle or spends long periods in front of a screen
  • Those who don't want the fuss of a lens care routine
Please always check with your Optician first before purchasing new contact lenses that haven't been prescribed.
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