Miru 1month Toric x6

Miru - the Japanese word for vision, is the name of these innovative and modern monthly contact lenses, which give the eyes relaxed and sharp vision in astigmatism and provide non-stop moisture.
The Miru 1month Menicon Toric provides the eyes with outstanding oxygen supply, which is very important for long wearing times. Safe and comfortable wear throughout the day is ensured by the specially developed MeniSilk™ and Nanogloss™ surface technology. The resulting ultra-smooth and supple surface provides optimal wetting properties and retains the moisture of the Miru 1month Menicon Toric throughout the day. Clear and sharp vision is supported by the deposit-resistant properties of the Miru 1month Menicon Toric surface.
The consistent thin rim design of Miru 1month Menicon Toric provides a comfortable feel and optimal comfort right from the moment you put them in, regardless of strengths.
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