Miru 1day Flat Pack Multi. X30

Neuro Adaptive™ Design - Centre near vision: Easy adaption with natural smooth transitions through near, intermediate, and far viewing. The thin bi-aspheric design enhances comfort and visual quality, providing some extended depth of focus and sophisticated aberration control.
Miru 1day Flat Pack supports easier adaptation for new wearers or those upgrading from single vision lenses: Miru 1day Flat Pack multifocal has Neuro Adaptive™ Design, which allows for a low amplitude change in power1, leading to a smooth transition along the optical focal path. Therefore, it supports easier visual adaptation for both customers upgrading from single vision lenses and new wearers.
Miru 1day Flat Pack multifocal has been specifically designed to make multifocal fitting easier.
  • Maximise the plus sphere powers during distance vision refraction
  • Account for vertex distance (>+/-4D) and mean spherical
  • Equivalent for astigmatism up to 1D
  • Determine dominant eye
  • Select the initial add. Power refinements are not usually necessary, extra distance plus should be offered first and is often well accepted.
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